Little Readers’ Nook
Struggling to get children’s attention? Stories can be your superpower!

StoryQuest Methodology

The Story Quest methodology sounds deceptively simple, yet is unbelievably powerful.

  • Step 1: Tell a fun story to capture children’s attention
  • Step 2: Dig deep into the story with conversations and play
  • Step 3: Enjoy the children’s quest to discover their own life lessons

Why Stories?

Who doesn’t love a good story?

“Once upon a time…” is a magical promise made to our imagination - the promise of an adventure to unknown lands, where we meet new people, and get to know, love and care about them. In this uniquely delightful experience, we laugh and cry, think and feel, live and learn - all at the same time.

Science tells us our brains tend to prioritise and remember information associated with strong feelings.

Ergo… if you want someone to listen, tell them a story. They are far more likely to pay attention, engage deeply, connect personally and remember for life.

Why Questions?

Do you like to be told what to do all the time? Children don’t like it either.

Unlike traditional tales, the stories we choose do not spoon-feed morals.

Through skilful questioning, we gently guide children to discover their own life lessons.

For what they discover on their own becomes significant and memorable for the child.

True Story: Story Quest in Action

Once upon a time in a Little Readers’ Nook class, children read about a tired mum who needed a break. Our boisterous class was unusually silent that day.

The next morning, messages began pouring in from stunned parents. Children were offering to help with chores! Had we cast a magic spell? How did the children become so thoughtful overnight?

We could only grin and respond - that’s the power of stories at Little Readers’ Nook!