Little Readers’ Nook

Our Story

A mother’s passion to make a difference and her belief in the power of stories led to the birth of Little Readers’ Nook in 2012.

Formerly a software engineer, mum of 2 Devaki Bhujang Gajare is today a proud story educator and reading champion.

As a young mum, Devaki struggled to raise her two readers in an age where so many children were hooked to gadgets. She soon identified the problem - children found reading a task, not pleasure! Devaki’s attempt was to bring stories alive through conversations, art and drama.

The little ones were not just hooked, the leap in their socio-emotional and thinking skills amazed parents.

As word spread, other mums and educators joined the cause. What began as a fun home experiment in 2012 blossomed into a beautiful collaborative enterprise empowering over 200 women entrepreneurs, each carrying the Little Readers’ Nook magic to her community.

The initiative has thus grown beyond our wildest dreams since then, having challenged over 10000 kids to read, think and express in over 25 cities across India and beyond today.